Spanking Venue Hire

alice cranfield, corporal punishment manchester, disciplinarians in manchester, disciplinarians manchester, headmistress cranfield, manchester corporal punishment, manchester disciplinarians, manchester spanking, spanking in manchester, spanking manchester, spanking services in manchester, spanking services manchesterI’m happy to hire my Domestic Rooms to people who would like to partake in Domestic room frolics, Spanking and Caning in Manchester.

We have excellent facilities with secure parking and all you could ever need as a couple or touring Headmistress, Master and other corporal punishment enthusiasts. If you’re a spanking enthusiast and you’re planing to visit Manchester or if you live in the North or Northwest and want somewhere nice and friendly to hire, with a great atmosphere and great customer service then give me a call.

If you wish to book a small party of people then a deposit will be required before arrival. If you could give some notice before thinking about making a bookings and some detail about yourself and your party that would be much appreciated.

Rooms for Hire:

  • Victorian Study
  • The Resonance Room
  • The Sissy Room
  • Sexy Secretary office
  • Photography Studio (for those who wish some photography and memories of their day with us for a fee)
  • See Gallery page for more pictures of the different rooms.


  • Shower
  • Four Toilets
  • Private Parking
  • Dressing Room
  • Kitchen Facilities
  • Photographer and Photographic Studio if required

We have been working with Corporal Punishment lovers for some time now and we’d like to say you’ll be well looked after at our Domestic Setting,  you’ll be treated with respect and you’ll receive great customer service at all times.

So why not give me a call to discuss and arrange your requirements for hiring our various rooms, services and amazing facilities.

Refreshments and Buffett’s Lunches can be provided on request.

Services are available Monday to Saturday, 9am until 7pm  so please ask for more details when you phone or email me.

A Deposit will be required before hiring especially if you require Lunch or refreshments.

Couples, Small Parties and Corporal Punishment lovers and Professionals only please.


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