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Welcome to the Spanking and Corporal Punishment Headmistress in Manchester Alice Cranfield.

I’m 5’ 8” tall and a mature corporal punishment and OTK (over the knee) Headmistress.

I’m a headmistress who ruled with an uncompromising hand. I’m sometimes “snooty” with a scary demure. However, the rules are clear and so are the consequences for all you naughty little school boys and of course all your naughty little classroom antics, which need punishing.

If you find any of the pictures, blogs and badly behaved situations that I’ve described on my website is of interest, and you wish to experience a taste of some good old-fashioned school discipline, first-hand, then you’d better beware naughty boy. I am an accomplished martinet with a flair for ritual, who takes zero tolerance with my naughty little school boys. Therefore, I do not accept feeble excuses on your part for failing to understand the rules boy!

So can you imagine the stomach-churning feeling of the long silent wait in the corridor outside my study? Now imagine how that silence would be punctuated with my command to enter followed by my instruction to close the door and stand bolt upright.

Now imagine the intimidating sight of the tawse, cane and the gym shoe placed neatly on my desk? Then imagine that these instruments of chastisement chosen by me, to leave their painful impressions on your up-ended buttocks.

Any breach of regulation, bouts of bad behaviour, rudeness and disrespect within a situation, which I think is inappropriate needs a good spanking or caning. Do not be under any misapprehension about the effectiveness of my methods at my school as Headmistress; I guarantee to wipe the smirk off your face before you can say “Sorry, Miss”!

If you’re summoned to my study for disciplined and punishment for disobeying the rules I will always, without exception given your bare bottom a good spanking once I’ve warmed your bottom up and any minor infringements of regulations will earn you a hand spanking over my knee, but exceptionally bad behaviour will receive far harsher treatment. If you’re not careful you’ll be caned or slippered while touching your toes, but I may prefer to order you to reach across my desk or mount the school punishment block! So it maybe that time to get my cane out of the cupboard and gave you a real good thrashing!

So if you would like your name added to the schools punishment list the school gates open to all naughty boys, girls and sissy girls from 10.30 am till 7 pm Monday to Sunday, (please try to book in advance were possible especially on Sunday’s) Visits to my study are strictly by appointment. I can also arrange for my secretary, Head Girl or another boy to witness your punishment or even share your punishment if required.

I’ll also offer Strict Auntie (Strict Aunt) or Mother, Sexy Secretary and Boss and Strict Nanny.

Mobile 07563 058296

Or email me at headmistresscranfield@hotmail.co.uk

Heres some appraisals for you to read from all my naughty boys just click on the link here or above – Appraisals Page

Sessions 15 minutes in and out/30 minute’s/1 hour etc., Monday to Sunday at a very competitive price, and booking in advance is very much appreciated, but always give me a call as you could be outside my office before you can say, “sorry Headmistress!”


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