Headmistress Cranfield goes Back in Time for a Spanking!

manchester, headmistress, cranfield, spanking, victorian headmistress, My girls are unruly and need regular discipline. I cannot allow this kind of behaviours to continues in my school.

Miss Honey is one of if not the naughtiest girl at the school and alcohol was found in her locker last week.

This will never be tolerated in this school!

Bending her over my desk, punishment block and my knee will make her realise just who she is dealing with! So it’s best that you watch me spank her and just see what I have to put up with at my school!

Meet Miss Honey the naughtiest girl in the school on Mondays,

Wednesdays and Thursdays.

manchester, naughter, school girl, honey, miss, manchester,

manchester, naughter, school girl, honey, miss, manchester,


Yet another fine Appraisal for Headmistress Cranfield and Naughty Tara Jane!

Appraisal from Mr A.

Comment: Before the session, Headmistress Cranfield discussed with me what was about to happen, then Tara Jayne (who really is a most unruly girl) and I were made to stand outside the study door until the Headmistress summonsed us in. She read out a list of our misdemeanors most of which were impossible to deny although Tara Jayne did her best to wriggle out. We were both punished by the Headmistress and a switch between ourselves and to finish, I was given the traditional 6 with the tawse across my hands. We both promised to behave in the future, but I don’t think it will be long before we’re knocking on that study door again. A lovely session with two superb girls. Thank you both. Xx

Time: October 7, 2016 at 5:02 am
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Another appraisal Folks!

Name: Howard


Comment: I have visited headmistress Cranfield and it was a fantastic experience. It is very authentic and your not rushed. The premises are good and parking is easy. I can’t wait to return she is a fantastic lady who clearly loves her job and is very good at it. I am having the head girl attend next time…shudder.

Time: September 6, 2016 at 3:32 pm
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Another New Appraisal for Headmistress & Headgirl…

alice cranfield, corporal punishment manchester, disciplinarians in manchester, disciplinarians manchester, headmistress,Comment: Paid my second visit to Headmistress Cranfield last week and, if anything, it was even better than my first one – and left me with an even sorer bottom afterwards! We were joined by the delectable Tara-Jayne, playing a coquettishly dressed head girl who dealt with my misdemeanours with appropriate severity, then ended up over my knee, knickers at half mast, while I returned the compliment. What makes this Manchester spanking duo so irresistible is (a) the fact that they work out of classy premises, lovingly furnished (b) their expertise with the cane, slipper and other implements and (c) their sense of fun. Their inventive role-play was quite hilarious. Warmly – and warm – bottom – recommended!

Another Appraisal for Headmistress & Deputy Head for Spanking good fun!

Spanking Headmistress Manchester Alice Cranfield (6)

Name: Richard

Comment: I really can’t praise Headmistress Cranfield and her wonderfully versatile No. 2 enough. We had a fantastic session last week, with me as a delinquent schoolboy, Headmistress Cranfield as a stern and merciless judge of my crimes and ‘Mary Cartwright’, the deputy head, assisting in the solemn bare-bottomed caning that was my eventual punishment. It was scarily authentic, and left marks which are still there, but it was also huge fun, with some consummate role-playing and a lot of laughter afterwards, as we looked back on the session over a cup of tea.

Either lady on her own would have been a joy. Both together, at very reasonable rates, and in superbly realistic premises, was something else. Nowhere else in Manchester offers such an authentic ‘old school’ experience.

Time: March 13, 2016 at 9:53 am

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