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Welcome to the Sessions page of headmistress Cranfield so take a look and pick the session You’d like in her classroom and study.


Spanking Manchester


Booking and Appointment Details

Booking an appointment in advance is very much appreciated, but always give Headmistress a call as you could be outside her office before you can say, “Tom Browns School Days!”

Session Times

She offer various times 60 minutes or 30 minute or up to 2 hours or more at a very reasonable prices. So please phone her for more details or text her if you don’t get a response, and book a time to call her and have a look at her Contact page.

Or email her at

Heres some Appraisals for you to read from some of her naughty boys.


Alice is an excellent role place enthusiast and she can portray any character or scenario that you require so of just ask.

Services and Other Options

With Headmistress Cranfield you should discuss all of your punishments options and role-play, your school misdemeanours, and the reasons why you haven’t completed your lines, homework or gone to your detention, etc.

Headmistress Cranfield also loves spanking naughty girl’s too!

So if you’d like to visit and you’re a gentleman who would like to watch this happen, then an extra price will be require for any other lady to join us.

Any extra lady associate of Alice Cranfield, will be happy to assist her in playing the character of Naughty Schoolgirl or Senior Girl, Prefect, School Bully, Teacher or Deputy Head.

Refreshments are available during your appointment, before and after the session or Headmistress can jump right into the role play, once she opens her office door to let you in.

Take a look at Headmistress Cranfield Contact page and About page for more details.