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Welcome to Alice’s Contact Pages with details of her hours, Gifts, Email address and details and of course her Mobile Phone Number

Spanking Manchester

Working Hours

Initial contact should be made by telephone, please, between the hours of 9.30 a.m. and 6.30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

I mainly work from Monday to Friday, but I will work on a Saturday with good notice.


Please always try to phone me during the week instead of emailing, where possible.

If you want to book a session or send a text before 10 a.m. that you require a same-day appointment.

You should call from a mobile phone; no landlines, please, and with your mobile number displayed.


I get lots of emails and do try to answer them, but a phone call is much quicker and more appreciated.

When wishing to discuss the details of your session, including date, length, and time, so I can book you in the room you desire, have a look at my Gallery page.

If I am unable to take your call, you are welcome to leave a message or text, and I will call you back as soon as I can, if required.

I do not respond to too many explicit or detailed text messages.

If you live abroad, you are welcome to email first, but please note that I do require you to telephone me at some point before I agree to a session with you.

Bring me a gift.

Yes, please bring me a gift, as it would be much appreciated.

I adore flowers and good red wine.

You may wish to buy me a pair of stockings or seemed stockings. I’m a shoe size 7, and I’m 5′ 8′′ tall. Please bring a pair of medium-sized stockings; then they’ll not be too high for my suspenders.

Or you may prefer to bring me a gift of your choice, maybe a slipper, cane, strap, or paddle, for me to use on your very naughty bottom.

Email and Phone Number

Email Me at –

07563 058296