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 Appraisals and Responses of Headmistress Cranfield

Spanking Manchester

Appraisals and Responses

These are some unbiased thoughts and evaluations on the review information regarding Alice Cranfield, the incredible spanking headmistress!

Names Comments
Peter Wakefield Mon, 09 Feb 17:17 I would like to recommend to any naughty schoolgirls or boys a visit to Headmistress Alice Cranfield based in Manchester.She is firm but fair and will administer a hand spanking through to a caning. Your visit will be started with a cup of tea and a biscuit. Your session will not be rushed and you will leave feeling physically and mentally uplifted.
John Hartley Thu, 26 Feb 23:03 I have had a pleasant experience with Miss Cranfield as Headmistress and a submissive brunette Head girl in for a few minutes which added to the intensity.She has moved premises since and all of the pictures on her website are of the last place not the one where she is now, more dairy updates too please Miss.
Canedjon Fri, 27 Mar 11:11 I also visited head mistress Canfield recently.I had a wonderful time and would recommend anyone to visit her fantastic premises and Gallery pictures.
Headmistress Alice Cranfield Wed, 08 Apr 19:11 Thank you so much gentleman one aims to please and everything you’ve said is so appreciated!I adore my role as headmistress and love role play, but if a naughty boy hates role play then that’s fine too. I alway believe in giving great customer service. I have a wonderful friends to work with so please read my Contact page and give me a call for my competitive prices. Xxx
Cauliflower Sun, 26 Apr 17:18 I had a wonderful session with Alice Cranfield  yesterday afternoon and I would thoroughly recommend a visit to her premises based in the Northwest area of the M60 in Manchester.She is very firm but fair and administers a severe punishment with several implements from a OTK spanking to a variety of canes but will respect limits. She does not clock watch and I assure you will enjoy your session with her and leave with a very sore bottom!!
John Webster Sat, 02 May 22:38 I can endorse Miss Cranfield for an excellent authentic school experience.It is a delight to meet a mistress who is attractive, intelligent and enjoys role-play. Her period study has been lovingly created. As soon as she opened the door in a black chiffon dress I knew I was in good hands.
Response – Headmistress Alice Cranfield Mon, 18 May 08:05 Ooh thank you gentlemen it was a pleasure to spank your naughty bottoms.Luv and cheeky smacks, Headmistress Cranfield. Xxx
Responce – Headmistress Alice Cranfield Tue, 07 Jul 08:43 Do you naughty boys like being give detention and sat at school desks in class?I’m interested in your opinion as a matter of research? Xxx
Billy BunterWed, 08 Jul 08:06 As a bit of an occasionally naughty schoolboy and purely in the interests of aiding you in your research Miss. I do enjoy being sat at a desk in detention.For me, its pure escapism and takes me back to a simpler time when there was no stress or the pressure of modern life with those horrible responsibilities of adulthood like bills to pay etc. The only pressure is that of having to make at least a pass mark in some maths or spelling tests under the watchful eye of a stern teacher. Or Headmistress and the associated penalties for failure to do so, or even for being in detention in the first place. A most enjoyable shot of adrenaline. Good job I’m ace at maths and spelling, gulp……or at least I think I am.
Responce – Headmistress Alice Cranfield Fri, 07 Aug 09:12 Wow, great name ‘William George Bunter’ or ‘Billy Bunter’ for short. He was a very naughty fictional schoolboy created by Charles Hamilton.Billy Bunter definitely had detention and chastisement at his school and specifically while sitting at his school desk. You’ve convinced me even more now that sitting at a school desk will evoke lots of school day memories. This is for lots of reasons and certainly evoke specific memories for very naughty school boys. I’m off to the shops very soon! Thank you for the review Billy. 😘
Shuffler Fri, 07 Aug 09:34 Ah…good old school desk. I remember them well. Pencil shavings in the inkwell, chewing gum stuck under the lid and a half consumed bag of sticky sweeties inside.I remember surreptitiously trying to peel an orange whilst pretending to look for a book. Within seconds the whole classroom reeked of satsuma and I was undone. I didn’t get belted though…the old bag just confiscated my orange. :-(And as for those hard, wooden seats!!!It was bad enough sitting on them with a un-smacked bum far less the obvious and more painful alternative. Wouldn’t mind giving it a go though…please put this on your review page Headmistress for other clients to enjoy!
Kevin Dean Fri, 07 Aug 13:05 Happily I too have attended Headmistress Cranfield’s study for recently.She made it very clear why I was there and what was about to happen and then proceeded to administer a sound OTK spanking before bending me over her desk for the cane. The whole experience was very authentic and huge fun. I’d recommend Miss Cranfield to any naughty boy.

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