Another appraisal from one of my favourite naughty boys!

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“I have visited Headmistress Cranfield on three occasions now, and on each visit the experience has been absolutely fantastic. The premises are brilliant, and are very authentic.

Alice Cranfield herself is magnificent; a warm and welcoming personality, who can then switch into being a very appropriate and convincingly ‘strict’, role-play Headmistress.

I enjoy being given the chance to regress to the days of being a naughty schoolboy, and Headmistress Cranfield has played the role of being my long suffering aunt.

The minute Headmistress Cranfield switches into role it is easy to let the years slip away and become that naughty but shy boy deserving of a proper punishment; given in the traditional and effective way.

Summoned into the Victorian sitting room for a stern telling off and then being made to confess my naughty behaviour always sets me up for that scintillatingly humiliating moment when I am summoned to stand beside the Headmistress to have first my grey shorts, and then my white underpants lowered. Suitably bared and embarrassed, I am ready for the punishment that I deserve (and need).

After a warm up spanking with me over her knee, my punishment has included straps paddles slippers and the short OTK cane; all of which have been delivered so that this naughty boy gets a very well deserved glowing red, hot and stinging bottom (that does not have lasting evidence of his misdemeanours upon his return to the real world the following day!).

Punishment is given in an unhurried way, with lots of time for humiliation, corner time and the use of different positions.
Headmistress Cranfield is a caring and warm individual who enjoys what she does and who can be trusted to deliver an amazing role play scenario. “I can’t wait for my next visit”!

Regards Andrew.

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