Another New Appraisal for Headmistress & Headgirl…

alice cranfield, corporal punishment manchester, disciplinarians in manchester, disciplinarians manchester, headmistress,Comment: Paid my second visit to Headmistress Cranfield last week and, if anything, it was even better than my first one – and left me with an even sorer bottom afterwards! We were joined by the delectable Tara-Jayne, playing a coquettishly dressed head girl who dealt with my misdemeanours with appropriate severity, then ended up over my knee, knickers at half mast, while I returned the compliment. What makes this Manchester spanking duo so irresistible is (a) the fact that they work out of classy premises, lovingly furnished (b) their expertise with the cane, slipper and other implements and (c) their sense of fun. Their inventive role-play was quite hilarious. Warmly – and warm – bottom – recommended!

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