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Welcome to Manchester Headmistress Carnfield’s Blog offers a comprehensive list of Spanking Services and is applying the cane to all in Greater Manchester.

3rd May 2015

Hello, Ladies and Gentleman,

As you may know there have been lots of changes at my new place of work and the venue is looking wonderful as you can see from the Gallery page on this website.

I have added another room and one more room picture will be on this site soon.

I hope all is well with you all and hope to see you all very soon.

Warm regards,


Merry Spanking Christmas everyone!

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Here’s some spanking advice…

Headmistress Alice Cranfield Manchester (4)

Warming up bottoms for spanking.

Headmistress also like to use the strap…

This picture could be Headmistress Cranfield, lol!

Headmistress Alice Cranfield Manchester (5)

Mobile 07563 058296

Or email me at headmistresscranfield@hotmail.co.uk

Sessions 15 minutes in and out/30 minute’s/1 hour etc, Monday to Sunday at a very competitive price, and booking in advance is very much appreciated but always give me a call as you could be outside my office before you can say, “sorry Headmistress!”

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