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Welcome to the Spanking and Corporal Punishment blog of Headmistress Alice Cranfield.

Can you imagine the stomach-churning feeling of the long silent wait in the corridor outside my study? Now imagine how that silence would be punctuated with my command to enter followed by my instruction to close the door and stand bolt upright.

Now imagine the intimidating sight of the tawse, cane and the gym shoe placed neatly on my desk? Then imagine that these instruments of chastisement chosen by me, to leave their painful impressions on your up-ended buttocks.

To ENTER this website you should be at least 18 years old.

This site presents the work of a Spanking Headmistress and Spanking related adult material intended expressly for adults over the age of 18 and no one under the age of 18 should use this corporal punishment or Spanking Headmistress website to view any of the material contained within.

All content within this website is copyright material and you will not download, broadcast, share or distribute any of it. You will not bookmark any page within this site apart from this one, which has the warnings and terms of access.

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I agree with the above statements and I wish to enter the website of one of the best Spanking and Caning Headmistress in Manchester, Headmistress Alice Cranfield.

Phone her and make you fantasy become a reality…. 07563 058296


7 thoughts on “Home

  1. Just made an appointment to visit the Headmistress, already feel like a naughty school boy, not sure what punishment I will receive but it eill be deserved, suspect the very least will be a slippering
    nervously looking foward with butterflies in my stomach


  2. My first formal cold slippering tomorrow at 3pm bottom will be sore, suspect there will be no sleep for this naughty boy tonight


  3. Thank you for the punishment,last month Headmistress.spanking,slippering,
    tawsing and caning.I was a little out of practice,but your firm hand left a good mark on my smooth buttocks.


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